The Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Service has flown over 80,000 missions. If your life has been changed by this amazing community-funded organisation, help spread the word and tell your story here.

Lisa Walters


Angle grinder accident results in air lift to hospital

Last February my husband had a horrific accident involving an angle grinder. The blade of the grinder shattered and a large piece of the blade lodged itself into my husband's throat.

After being taken by Ambulance to our closest local hospital (Taree Manning Base), he was air lifted by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter to John Hunter Hospital. The recovery team which attended to Derek during the flight were nothing but wonderful. The pilot (and Pastor)of the Helicopter, Ossie, said a prayer for Derek's safety on the flight and also came to visit him in hospital during his recovery where he said a prayer for his recovery.

The experience was one I do not ever want to have to repeat, but it was certainly made easier by the wonderful care and support we were given by everyone involved.

Chontel Conrad


Helicopter saves life of head on collision victim

I was travelling home from work on the Central Coast to Cessnock to pick up my Son from school.

A van coming towards me crossed onto my side of the road & was coming straight for me. I couldn't veer left as there was a guard rail there so all I could do was move right. By that time the driver must have woken up & tried to move back into his lane. We had a head on collision at a combined force of 180km. We were both doing 90km. I had multiple fractures to my clavicle, hand, knees, left leg & ankles. I also suffered from internal bleeding to my lower abdomin (bowel) & liver. I stayed conscious the whole time until I was given a massive dose of Morphine by the Ambulance Officer who turned up at the scene. I was flown by the Westpac Chopper to John Hunter Hospital. I was met there by my sister who is an RN & working in A&E at the time.

I can't thank you enough for saving my life.

Garth Payne


Son found face down in wading pool rushed to hospital

On the dreadful afternoon of Friday 11/11/11, my son was found face down in a wading pool in our backyard.

After emergency teams arrived the god send was then ordered.

I'll never forget watching my little boy leaving in the chopper. The amazing work and organisation during this time was amazing. The chopper took my son and then I had the longest car ride ever to the john hunter hospital.

The amazing work done by the airborne paramedics team was amazing. As I got to the hospital the wonderful people had his heart beating again.

Unfortunately 12 hours later, Darcy lost the battle. I have all the thanks in the world for the work they did. Everything in their power to save my boy.

It will be 2 years in a couple of days and still everyday I thank the Rescue Helicopter teams. They deserve all the praise, respect and honour that they deserve.

Jillian Pyne


Helicopter called to rescue boy stuck off a cliff

I have supported the helicopter with many events and promotions.

A few years back my son and his friends got into trouble. His friend had jumped off a cliff into the Ocean near Catherine Hill Bay, it was a very rough day and the surf was huge, the boy was lucky to get onto a rock but could not get back to the cliff. My son called for help and the local lifesavers could not get to his friend by the water so they called the Rescue Helicopter for assistance, they came straight away and winched the boy to safety. Lucky boy, this could have been a very bad out come if not for the Helicopter.

I hope this was good karma for my work to support the Helicopter.

Michelle Parry


Young boy will never forget his life saving helicopter trip

My son was taken from Taree to JHH with severe asthma at age four.

He was so so sick but loved the fact the helicopter was yellow, his favorite colour. They were fantastic and it's a cause I support. My other son is a volunteer with their fundraising. The son who went in the helicopter is now eleven and he still calls it his helicopter.

Paul Obrien


Rugby training freak accident results in helicopter rescue

I was at rugby training when a freak accident left me unable to move.

An ambulance attended and requested that a Westpac Helicopter be called. After the excellent care I received from all on board and with some rehab time I'm now able to live a normal life, and have even returned to play Rugby Union. Thanks to all involved words can't express my gratitude.

Randall Tin


Helicopter rescues trail bike accident

My brother, Nigel, was in a trail bike club. Celebrating a good year, he paid $1000 for a helmet. Later, he felt he was ripped off.

He was at the back of a lead pack on a dirt road. The air and the road looked the same. So when the road turned, Nigel didn't.
It was bad enough he was heading downhill at a fast pace, but when the front of the motorbike dropped over the edge, the back of the bike catapulted him, spearing him head first into a tree.
The helmet was destroyed.
The next group passed on the road up the embankment. No-one knew he was there, or hurt. Adrenaline kicked in and he crawled up to the road, then collapsed.
The team medic was in the next group. He called the helicopter in, taking no chances.
Nigel had 3 vertebrae fused together. He got back to work after some time in hospital.
The helicopter, medic, and that damned helmet had save him.
"The best $1000 I ever spent."

Mark Lock


Man sustains c2 fracture on beach holiday

On the 3rd of February 2000, so long ago. 

Well here it goes, my wife to be decided to go to Bellambi to see the whales. On arriving we went for a swim between the flags, that's when everything changed. We were in the surf enjoying the waves, then out of nowhere a dumper got me. Next I was being thrown around like a rag doll, then my body felt like a tv loosing its signal, just blackness. I opened my eyes finally and my wife managed to drag me out of the surf onto the sand. Thank-you to the junior lifesaver to the senior guys in the cars to the police officer, ambos and finally the Westpac Helicopter. I had sustained a c2 fracture (same as Christopher Reeve) and was alive by .7 of a millimetre. These rescue guys were amazing THANK YOU AGAIN XOX

Karen Smith


Helicopter makes the difference in life saving events

My family lived in Collarenebri in North Western NSW. In 1997, my Dad suffered a ruptured Aortic Anuerysm.

It was an almost 2 hour road trip to the largest major hospital in Moree and 5 hours to Tamworth Base Hospital- he would never have survived.

If not for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter flying out to pick him up and taking him to Tamworth Base Hospital, we would have lost him for sure that day.

Their care for Dad and the compassion that they showed for my Mum, who was understandably distraught, was amazing and we are grateful to them more than we can say.

I am extremely proud to work for Westpac who supports them, and am proud to be a member of the local fund raising committee to help keep them in the air and free for all users.

Simone Le Mesurier


Young woman survives traumatic head injuries

The rescue helicopter saved my daughter Lili 17 years ago.We were celebrating my brother's birthday.

It was my brother's birthday party at my father's waterfront property. His neighbour was building a boat. My daughter wandered over to the keel of the boat and it collapsed. She was totally pinned under the weight, with only her feet in sight. My brother and his friends managed to lift the weight off her and the ambulance was called. They wasted no time in getting the helicopter to transport her to Hospital as she had major trauma to her head. She suffered major brain damage and broke her skull all the way from the front right hand side to the top of her spine, all the bones in her right ear and suffered brain damage to the right hand side of her brain. Without the helicopter she wouldn't have survived such horrific head injuries, she would never have survived a road trip in an ambulance.

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